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Our Core Features

🛡️ Security

In this age of constant cyberattacks, OBB makes security a priority. Don't take our word for it, though. Check out OBB's grade from Mozilla Observatory, an independent web security analysis project.

A+ security score from Mozilla Observatory.

🏷️ Transparent pricing

There are no hidden fees with OBB. We are honest and up-front with our clients and expect the same in return.

🔒 Privacy

Enabling people to take control of the types of information they choose to share with the world has been one of OBB's most fundamental guiding principles. That is why OBB is careful to choose privacy-friendly jurisdictions like Iceland and Switzerland when deciding where to host clients' websites and emails.

♦ Decentralized tech integration

OBB is a very crypto-friendly company. The trend of decentralization is signaling a future where the Internet is more resilient against the whims of bankers, platform moderators, and oppressive regimes. Where useful, OBB can help you integrate decentralized technologies into your site. In addition, OBB accepts Bitcoin as the preferred form of payment.

🌱 Environmental responsibility

OBB's default country for website hosting is Iceland. According to their own government, that country is predominantly powered with clean energy sources like geothermal.

🔧 Customization

Not all web solutions can be simply pulled off-the-shelf. Often, someone has to get down and start writing code. OBB will work with you in order to discover what you need and build a product that works for your situation.

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🕊️ Liberty

As a Liberlandic company, liberty is at the heart of everything we at OBB do. Having access to secure, useful, and profitable web tools can enable people like you to live with more freedom.

The OBB Guarantee

We at OBB take pride in our work. If OBB delivers a final product to you and you are not satisfied with it for any reason, please let us know. OBB will repair the defect and re-deliver the final product to you. After repeated revisions, if you are still not satisfied, OBB will refund up to 100% of your investment.

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email: hello (at) obb (dot) ll (dot) land

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